Kitchen Therapy

My love and passion for cooking was discovered when I was a little girl. Spending hours in the kitchen, making a mess with my grandmothers and learning how to cook became one of my favorite things to do. Today, I am still that little girl that loves being in the kitchen! Being in the kitchen is my therapy…

I have never been one to follow recipes. Most days I have no idea what I will prepare for dinner, I take a look in my fridge and pantry and see what quick healthy meal I can create. Some days I’m inspired after being glued to the food network and watching my favorite show chopped! All in trial and error this is how my recipes are created.

Experimenting with fresh and healthy ingredients to create my own personal recipes is what I love. When I was diagnosed with pcos a few years back, I realized how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will see that a lot of my recipes are paleo. I try to remain faithful to a paleo lifestyle, but lets get real we all have our cravings from time to time, mine being bread! There is nothing better then the smell of fresh homemade bread!

Healthy meals and happy living all starts in the Kitchen! My recipes are quick, healthy and fun. I look forward to sharing with you and I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do!

xx Jes