Why Meals4Mamas?

My passion for cooking has now brought me to the blogging world…

Addicted to taking pictures of food and not letting my hubby dive into any dish that I have created until I take that one perfect shot! (That drives him crazy and the food is usually cold by the time it enters his mouth, ha-ha…its called a microwave hunny!).  All of these photos end up on social media at one point or another – even though I am no professional by any means, just a lady that loves to cook…

My hubby has always been such a great supporter in all aspects of my life and has recently asked me “Why don’t you start sharing your recipes?”, my thoughts were “What? Share my recipes? Everyone and their grandmothers dog has a blog! So why would people want to see mine?”…Well here I am, I have decided to give it a shot (What the hell right?!). There is nothing that makes me happier than being able to share my recipes and my love for cooking with you all! 

The hardest part about a blog – “What on earth will this blog of mine be called?”. I knew that I wanted to cater towards a certain niche, geared towards busy mothers like myself, pregnant women, women trying to conceive and pcos fighters. I am a woman with PCOS that was trying to conceive, finally got blessed with our miracle baby and now a busy mother to our 6 month old son. With that being said and with the help of one of my beautiful girlfriends this is where the name Meals4Mamas came about. Although this name is catered to a certain clientele, I highly encourage that this blog is for ANYONE that has an interest in healthy meals and happy living. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is so important to my family and I. I hope that my life experiences and recipes that I will share with you, will help contribute to you living a healthy lifestyle whether you are pregnant, a mommy, a single student or just someone that loves to cook.

xx Jes